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Georgia State Code
Title       2
Chapter       7  
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Title 2, Chapter 7, Section 91 (2-7-91)

The purpose of this article is to regulate, in the public interest, the use and application of pesticides to control pests, as defined in this article. Pesticides perform a valuable role by:

(1) Controlling insects, fungi, nematodes, rodents, and other pests which ravage and destroy our supply of food and fiber, which serve as vectors of disease, and which otherwise constitute a nuisance in the environment or the home;

(2) Controlling weeds which compete in the production of food and fiber and which otherwise are unwanted elements in our environment; and

(3) Regulating plant growth to enhance both the quantity and quality of our supply of food and fiber and to facilitate its harvest.

New pesticides are continually being discovered, synthesized, or developed which are valuable for the control of pests and for use as defoliants, desiccants, plant regulators, and related purposes. However, such pesticides may be ineffective, may cause injury to man, or may cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment if not properly used. Pesticides may injure man or animals, either by direct poisoning or by gradual accumulation of pesticide residues in the tissues. Crops or other plants may also be injured by the improper use of pesticides. The drifting or washing of pesticides into streams or lakes may cause appreciable damage to aquatic life. A pesticide applied for the purpose of killing pests in a crop which is not itself injured by the pesticide may drift and injure other crops or nontarget organisms with which it comes in contact. Therefore, it is deemed necessary to provide for regulation of the use and application of such pesticides.

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