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Georgia State Code
Title      20
Chapter       3  
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Title 20, Chapter 3, Section 261 (20-3-261)

(a) Legislative findings.

(1) The General Assembly finds that the growth and development of this state and nation have been and will undoubtedly remain strongly related to the degree to which educational opportunities are provided to all of their citizens; recognizes that costs associated with postsecondary educational opportunities are substantial when considered in relation to the average earnings and wealth of most families and that such costs are in many cases prohibitive; and acknowledges that a need exists for a means whereby students and parents of students can obtain low-interest loans in a manner that will enable them to spread and thereby ease the immediate costs of such higher education and that an adequate guaranty, among other things, of such loans is essential to assure the accessibility of private loan funds to many students and parents of students. Accordingly, the General Assembly determined, as early as 1964, that such a means for the generation of private loan funds to citizens for postsecondary educational purposes could exist through the exercise of the powers, duties, and functions vested by the General Assembly in the Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation. The General Assembly now reaffirms that earlier determination.

(2) The General Assembly further finds that substantial investments of public and private moneys have been made and will undoubtedly continue to be made in the construction, development, and operation of public and private postsecondary educational institutions; that such postsecondary educational institutions are of immense value to the state and nation in that they promote the general welfare and the economic and cultural development and prosperity of the state and nation and all their citizens; that it is in the public interest to sustain such institutions; and, therefore, that the provision of educational loan assistance to persons, and for and on behalf of persons, who desire to attend such educational institutions will be of substantial financial benefit to those institutions and will better ensure their continued economic viability and value to the state and nation.

(3) The General Assembly further finds that since 1965 the United States has made similar findings and determinations; that through the enactment of various federal acts, the United States secretary of education is authorized and directed to administer various programs providing for loans and grants to students and parents and to enter into agreements in support of local guaranty agencies, such as the corporation, that are administering at the local level an educational loan program and to provide partial federal financial support to such agencies and programs; and, further, that pursuant to such federal acts and such agreements, the secretary will reinsure certain educational loans that are guaranteed by the corporation; and that the secretary will pay certain federal interest subsidies and special allowances to the holders of such loans for and on behalf of the borrowers and certain other payments to the corporation in respect of such loan.

(4) The General Assembly therefore determines that it is a valid public purpose to promote the educational level of achievement and the welfare and general prosperity of the state and nation, and the continued economic viability and value of postsecondary educational institutions by providing a means for the extension of educational loan credit to students and parents of students, for the servicing of such loans, and for the guaranty of such credit, among other things, and therefore finds and declares that continuation of the corporation and the carrying out of its corporate powers, duties, and functions as provided for in this part is in all respects a necessary and valid public purpose within the meaning of the Constitution of Georgia.

(b) Purpose of corporation. The purpose of the corporation shall be to improve the higher educational opportunities of eligible students, so as to assure availability of the benefits of the federal acts and this part to eligible students and parents, schools, and lenders.

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