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Georgia State Code
Title       7
Chapter       1  
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Title 7, Chapter 1, Section 702 (7-1-702)

(a) The department shall conduct an investigation of every applicant to determine the financial responsibility, experience, character, and general fitness of the applicant. If the department determines to its general satisfaction:

(1) That the applicant is financially responsible and appears to be able to conduct the business of cashing checks in an honest, fair, and efficient manner and with the confidence and trust of the community; and

(2) That the granting of such application will promote the convenience and advantage of the area in which the business is to be conducted,

the department shall issue the applicant a license to engage in the business of cashing checks.

(b) The department shall not issue such a license if it finds that the applicant, or any person who is a director, officer, partner, agent, employee, or substantial stockholder of the applicant, has been convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude in any jurisdiction or of a crime which, if committed within this state, would constitute a felony involving moral turpitude under the laws of this state. For the purposes of this article, a person shall be deemed to have been convicted of a crime if such person shall have pleaded guilty to a charge thereof before a court or federal magistrate, or shall have been found guilty thereof by the decision or judgment of a court or federal magistrate or by the verdict of a jury, irrespective of the pronouncement of sentence or the suspension thereof, unless such plea of guilty, or such decision, judgment, or verdict, shall have been set aside, reversed, or otherwise abrogated by lawful judicial process or unless the person convicted of the crime shall have received a pardon therefor from the President of the United States or the governor or other pardoning authority in the jurisdiction where the conviction was had, or shall have received a certificate of good conduct granted by the State Board of Pardons and Paroles pursuant to the provisions of the executive law to remove the disability under this article because of such conviction. The term "substantial stockholder," as used in this subsection, shall be deemed to refer to a person owning or controlling 10 percent or more of the total outstanding stock of the corporation in which such person is a stockholder.

(c) The department shall be authorized to obtain conviction data with respect to any applicant or any person who is a director, officer, partner, agent, employee, or ultimate equitable owner of 10 percent or more of the applicant. Upon receipt of information from the Georgia Crime Information Center that is incomplete or that indicates an applicant or any person who is a director, officer, partner, agent, employee, or ultimate equitable owner of 10 percent or more of the applicant has a criminal record in a state other than Georgia, the department shall submit to the Georgia Crime Information Center two complete sets of fingerprints of such applicant or such person, the required records search fees, and such other information as may be required. Upon receipt thereof, the Georgia Crime Information Center shall promptly transmit one set of fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a search of bureau records and an appropriate report and shall retain the other set and promptly conduct a search of its own records and records to which it has access. The Georgia Crime Information Center shall notify the department in writing of any derogatory finding, including, but not limited to, any conviction data regarding the fingerprint records check, or if there is no such finding. All conviction data received by the department shall be used by the department for the exclusive purpose of carrying out its responsibilities under this article, shall not be a public record, shall be privileged, and shall not be disclosed to any other person or agency except to any person or agency which otherwise has a legal right to inspect the file. All such records shall be maintained by the department pursuant to laws regarding such records and the rules and regulations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Georgia Crime Information Center, as applicable. As used in this subsection, "conviction data" means a record of a finding, verdict, or plea of guilty or a plea of nolo contendere with regard to any crime, regardless of whether an appeal of the conviction has been sought.

(d) Such license shall be kept conspicuously posted in the place of business of the licensee. Such license shall not be transferable or assignable.

(e) A license issued pursuant to this article shall remain in force and effect through its expiration date unless earlier surrendered, suspended, or revoked pursuant to this article.

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