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Georgia State Code
Title      19
Chapter      11  
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Title 19, Chapter 11, Section 9.1 (19-11-9.1)

(a) Any entity in this state including for profit, nonprofit, and governmental employers, upon the request of the department and its authorized contractors, shall provide the department with information, including the name, address, social security number, employment, compensation, and benefits regarding a person owing or allegedly owing an obligation of support for a dependent child.

(b) Except as may be prohibited under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1681 et seq., the IV-D agency may require disclosure of information, including the location, employment, title to property, credit status, or professional affiliation to assist the IV-D agency in locating a custodial parent or noncustodial parent. The IV-D agency may require such disclosure from any state or local government agency; state, county, or municipal registry of deeds or titles; registry of vital records and statistics; utility company regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission; tax assessor's office; housing authority; employer; professional or trade association; labor union; professional or trade licensing board; or credit bureau or agency. Information furnished by a telephone company, however, shall be limited to the address and telephone number of an obligor or obligee.

(c) The IV-D agency may request from any employer or other person or entity providing a source of income which the IV-D agency has reason to believe employs an obligor or obligee or otherwise provides the obligor or obligee with regular periodic income information concerning the dates and amounts of income paid, the last known address, social security number, and available health care benefits. The IV-D agency shall not inquire of an employer or other person or entity providing a source of income concerning the same obligor or obligee more than once every three months.

(d) The department upon receipt of information collected pursuant to this Code section may make such information available only to the appropriate officials or agency of this state or any other state operating a program pursuant to Title IV-D of the federal Social Security Act. Information collected by the department pursuant to this Code section shall not be subject to public inspection or disclosure under Article 4 of Chapter 18 of Title 50.

(e) No employer or other person or entity providing a source of income who complies with this Code section shall be liable in any civil action or proceeding brought by the obligor or obligee on account of such compliance.

(f) Responses pursuant to this Code section may be made by paper, facsimile, magnetic tape, or other electronic means.

(g) The failure of any individual or entity, without reasonable cause, to provide the IV-D agency with the information requested under this Code section within 14 days after such information is requested or a willful false response to a request pursuant to this Code section shall be punishable by a penalty to be assessed by the IV-D agency or by a court of competent jurisdiction in the amount of $100.00 for each such failure or false response.

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