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Georgia State Code
Title      44
Chapter       3  
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Title 44, Chapter 3, Section 2 (44-3-2)

As used in this article, the term:

(1) "Agent" means any person who represents, or acts for or on behalf of, a developer in selling or leasing or offering to sell or lease any lot or lots in a subdivision but shall not include an attorney at law whose representation of another person consists of rendering legal services.

(2) "Blanket encumbrance" means:

(A) Any deed to secure debt, trust deed, mortgage, mechanic's lien, or any other lien or financial encumbrance securing or evidencing money debt and affecting subdivided land or affecting more than one lot or parcel of subdivided land; or

(B) Any agreement affecting more than one such lot or parcel by which the subdivider holds such subdivided land under an option, contract to purchase, or trust agreement; provided, however, that taxes and assessments levied by public authority are not deemed to be encumbrances within the meaning of this paragraph.

(3) "Business day" means any calendar day except Sunday or any national legal public holiday.

(4) "Common promotional plan" means a plan undertaken by a single developer or a group of developers acting in concert to offer lots for sale or lease; where such land is offered for sale by such a developer or group of developers acting in concert and, where such land is contiguous or known, designated, or advertised as a common unit or by a common name, such land shall be presumed, without regard to the number of lots covered by each individual offering, as being offered for sale or lease as part of a common promotional plan.

(5) "Conspicuous statement" means a statement in boldface and conspicuous type which shall be a type size of at least ten points. Such statement shall always be shown larger than all other nonconspicuous statements in the body of the document in which it is required.

(6) "Developer" or "subdivider" or "owner" means any person who, directly or indirectly, sells or leases, or offers to sell or lease, or advertises for sale or lease any lots in a subdivision.

(7) "Disposition" or "dispose of" means any sale, exchange, lease, assignment, award by lottery, or other transaction designed to convey an interest in a subdivision or parcel, lot, or unit thereof, if undertaken for gain or profit.

(8) "Offer" means every inducement, solicitation, or attempt to bring about a disposition.

(9) "Person" means an individual, firm, company, association, corporation, government or governmental subdivision or agency, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, unincorporated association or organization, two or more of any of the foregoing having a joint or common interest, or any other legal or commercial entity. (9.1) "Property report" means a written statement given to prospective purchasers by the developer or the developer's agent disclosing such information about the subdivision as required by this article.

(10) "Purchaser" means a person other than a developer or lender who acquires an interest in any lot, parcel, or unit in a subdivision.

(11) "Sale" means every sale, lease, assignment, award by lottery, solicitation, or offer to do any of the foregoing concerning a subdivision, if undertaken for gain or profit.

(12) "Subdivision" or "subdivided land" means:

(A) Any contiguous land which is divided or is proposed to be divided for the purpose of disposition into 50 or more lots, parcels, units, or interests; or

(B) Any land, whether contiguous or not, which is divided or proposed to be divided into 50 or more lots, parcels, units, or interests which are offered as a part of a common promotional plan.

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