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Georgia State Code
Title      46
Chapter       3  
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Title 46, Chapter 3, Section 111 (46-3-111)

As used in this article, the term:

(1) "Authority" means the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia and any successor thereto. Any change in name or composition of the authority shall in no way affect the vested rights of any person under this article or impair the obligations of any contracts existing under this article.

(2) "Bond anticipation notes" or "notes" means short-term obligations issued after validation of bonds and in anticipation of the issuance of the bonds as validated.

(3) "Bonds" or "revenue bonds" means any bonds issued by the authority under this article, including refunding bonds.

(4) "Cost of project" or "cost of construction" means all costs of construction; all costs of real and personal property required for the purposes of such project and facilities related thereto, including land and any rights or undivided interests therein, easements, franchises, water rights, fees, permits, approvals, licenses, and certificates, and the securing of such permits, approvals, licenses, and certificates and the preparation of applications therefor, and including all machinery and equipment, including equipment for use in connection with such construction, and the initial fuel supply acquired for such project; financing charges; interest prior to and during construction and during such additional period as the authority may reasonably determine to be necessary for the placing of such project in operation; costs of engineering, architectural, and legal services; costs of plans and specifications and all expenses necessary or incidental to determining the feasibility or practicability of the project; administrative expenses; and such other expenses as may be necessary or incidental to the financing authorized by this article. All funds paid or advanced for any of the purposes mentioned in this paragraph by political subdivisions contracting with the authority prior to the issuance of any of the authority's bonds or notes may be refunded to such political subdivisions out of the proceeds of any bonds or notes so issued. The costs of any project may also include a fund or funds for the creation of a debt service reserve, a renewal and replacement reserve, a fuel reserve, and such other reserves as may be reasonably required by the authority for the operation of its projects and as may be authorized by any bond resolution or trust agreement or indenture pursuant to the provisions of which the issuance of any such bonds may be authorized. Any obligation or expense incurred for any of the purposes mentioned in this paragraph shall be regarded as a part of the cost of the project and may be paid or reimbursed as such out of the proceeds of revenue bonds or notes issued under this article for such project.

(5) "Election committee" means the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia Membership Election Committee, as created in Code Section 46-3-113.

(6) "Project," "undertaking," or "facility" means electric generation and transmission lines and works and all property, whether real or personal, of every kind and nature material or pertinent thereto or necessary therefor which may be used or useful in the development of electric power and energy and in the supplying of such electric power and energy to all those entities contracting with the authority therefor. These terms may include a divided or undivided interest in any electric generation or transmission facility in which the authority participates as an owner in common with others. These terms may be used interchangeably.

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