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Georgia State Code
Title      50
Chapter      27  
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Title 50, Chapter 27, Section 17 (50-27-17)

(a) The General Assembly recognizes that to conduct a successful lottery, the corporation must develop and maintain a state-wide network of lottery retailers that will serve the public convenience and promote the sale of tickets or shares and the playing of lottery games while ensuring the integrity of the lottery operations, games, and activities.

(b) The corporation must make every effort to provide small retailers a chance to participate in the sales of lottery tickets or shares.

(c) The corporation shall provide for compensation to lottery retailers in the form of commissions in an amount of not less than 5 percent of gross sales and may provide for other forms of compensation for services rendered in the sale or cashing of lottery tickets or shares.

(d) The corporation shall issue a certificate of authority to each person with whom it contracts as a retailer for purposes of display. Every lottery retailer shall post and keep conspicuously displayed in a location on the premises accessible to the public its certificate of authority. No certificate shall be assignable or transferable.

(e) The board shall develop a list of objective criteria upon which the qualification of lottery retailers shall be based. Separate criteria shall be developed to govern the selection of retailers of instant tickets and on-line retailers. In developing these criteria, the board shall consider such factors as the applicant's financial responsibility, security of the applicant's place of business or activity, accessibility to the public, integrity, and reputation. The board shall not consider political affiliation, activities, or monetary contributions to political organizations or candidates for any public office. The criteria shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1) The applicant shall be current in filing all applicable tax returns to the State of Georgia and in payment of all taxes, interest, and penalties owed to the State of Georgia, excluding items under formal appeal pursuant to applicable statutes. The Department of Revenue is authorized and directed to provide this information to the corporation;

(2) No person, partnership, unincorporated association, corporation, or other business entity shall be selected as a lottery retailer who:

(A) Has been convicted of a criminal offense related to the security or integrity of the lottery in this or any other jurisdiction;

(B) Has been convicted of any illegal gambling activity, false statements, false swearing, or perjury in this or any other jurisdiction or convicted of any crime punishable by more than one year of imprisonment or a fine of more than $1,000.00 or both unless the person's civil rights have been restored and at least five years have elapsed from the date of the completion of the sentence without a subsequent conviction of a crime described in this subparagraph;

(C) Has been found to have violated the provisions of this chapter or any regulation, policy, or procedure of the corporation unless either ten years have passed since the violation or the board finds the violation both minor and unintentional in nature;

(D) Is a vendor or any employee or agent of any vendor doing business with the corporation;

(E) Resides in the same household as an officer of the corporation;

(F) Has made a statement of material fact to the corporation knowing such statement to be false; or

(G) Is engaged exclusively in the business of selling lottery tickets or shares; provided, however, that this subsection shall not preclude the corporation from selling or giving away lottery tickets or shares for promotional purposes;

(3) Persons applying to become lottery retailers shall be charged a uniform application fee for each lottery outlet. Retailers who participate in on-line games shall be charged a uniform application fee for each on-line outlet;

(4) Any lottery retailer contract executed pursuant to this Code section may, for good cause, be suspended, revoked, or terminated by the chief executive officer or his designee if the retailer is found to have violated any provision of this chapter or objective criteria established by the board. Review of such activities shall be in accordance with the procedures outlined in this chapter and shall not be subject to Chapter 13 of this title, the "Georgia Administrative Procedure Act"; and

(5) All lottery retailer contracts may be renewable annually in the discretion of the corporation unless sooner canceled or terminated.

(f) No lottery retailer or applicant to be a lottery retailer shall pay, give, or make any economic opportunity, gift, loan, gratuity, special discount, favor, hospitality, or service, excluding food and beverages having an aggregate value not exceeding $100.00 in any calendar year, to the chief executive officer, any board member, or any employee of the corporation or to a member of the immediate family residing in the same household as any such person.

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